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Text Analytics is a growing field. Text analysis allows you to search in unstructured data and make sense of things. Check out this text analysis app to see what you can do!

Text Analysis

Baseball and Big Data. Unleash your inner big data interests and utilize this application to compare pitches between players and see what works and doesn’t work for your team. 

Pitch Analysis

Web Scraper: Getting data from the web is difficult enough. Forget about copying and pasting, try this web scraper and save your data to a text file for later analysis. 

Web Scraper

Map Tools: This app allows the user to upload addresses via csv file and download the latitude and longitude of the addresses. You can even map the coordinates!!!

Lat-Long Map App

Missouri Congressional Map: This map allows users to interactively search through congressional districts of both the House and Senate of Missouri. 

Missouri Congressional Map

Illinois Congressional Map: This map allows users to interactively search through congressional districts of both the House and Senate of Illinois. 

Illinois Congressional Map

Twitter: This app allows users to retrieve tweets from selected individuals. You can then utilize text analysis to measure the amount of emotion in each tweet. 


SQL: This app allows a user to interact with their MySQL database; allowing them to retrieve and download their data. 

Statistics: Interactively work with base statistics; linear regression (simple and multiple), plot interactive graphs, and subset your data. 


Baseball Player: Search thousands of players and get their stats. This app can search the Lahman data set that has info on every player since the year 1870 !!!!!!!

Baseball Player

Interactive Map: This map allows you full interaction to plot, zoom, and measure distance, points, etc… Use this tool to figure out how far you are going, or even how much further you have left. 

Interactive Map

Home Run: Get truly interactive and see how the Home Run kings like Babe Ruth & Hank Aaron stack up against today’s top players. The results will astonish you. 

Home Run

Military Map: Utilizing the census Tiger files; you can now see where all the U.S. military bases are around the world. 

Military Map

Google Analytics: Look into how interactive your website is with this Google Analytics app. Perform queries and visually display your data in familiar bar, column, and scatter plot charts. 

Google Analytics

CSV Viewer: Has excel let you down once again and you can’t open and view that file you need. Utilize this quick and easy CSV viewer and say goodbye to the spinning circle forever. 

CSV Viewer

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